The San Albino–Murra Concession hosts numerous newly discovered gold prospects bearing significant precious metal mineralization and has the potential to host resources in possible open-pit targets. These underexplored districts offer excellent exploration potential.

Sampling of Historical Mines and Workings

At a number of historical showings—Mina Estrella, Santos Garcia, Veta Danilo, Mina Chevarria, and Cata Reyna—old adits have been opened and the veins exposed, returning some excellent grades and thicknesses:

  • Mina Estrella – 5 metres of 24.75 g/t Au (including 1.1 metres of 112.09 g/t Au and 0.7 metres of 176.18 g/t Au)
  • Santos Garcia – 1 metre @grading 21.29 g/t Au and 3.8. g/t Ag
  • Veta Danilo – 3 metres @grading 13.99 g/t Au and 5.46 g/t Ag
  • Cata Reyna – 4 metres @grading 34.62 g/t Au and 17.8 g/t Ag
  • Mina Chavarria – 0.8 metre @grading 30.88 g/t Au

Initial sampling and mapping of numerous other prospects and old workings (Mina Perico 1.7 metres grading 21.61 g/t Au and Mina Milagros 1.0 metre grading 120.35 g/t Au and 36.9 g/t Ag) have established that gold mineralization is distributed in the host rock containing sheeted quartz veinlets, as well as in the main quartz veins. Quartz veinlets located in proximity to quartz veins very often contain coarse visible gold (VG) (i.e., Mina Milagros).